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WD Custom Pickguard Prewired With Kent Armstrong Spitfire Pickups For Fender Stratocaster Blackout Edition

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OEM pickup with special construction and embossed logo. This is a hot single coil set with a raunchy tone characterized by strong mids and cutting highs. If you have been looking for a set of pickups for your guitar to add the grit you need but maintain a balanced output from position to position, look no further! This special "BLACK-OUT" pre-wire comes with a black/white/black pickguard, black knobs, pickup covers and black switch tip.

As we do in all our single coil assemblies, the middle pickup is reverse wound/reverse polarity for hum canceling when used in combination with either the neck or bridge pickup.

Our pre-wired assemblies are completely wired, ready to install and even include the knobs. Other color guards are available as an upgrade. (please email for further info).