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WD Custom Pickguard Prewired With Kent Armstrong Rebel & Twanger Pickups For Fender Telecaster

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Price $184.95
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Our standard wired assemblies come with a white/black/white pickguard but other color guards are available at a slight additional charge (please email for further info)

The following pickup(s) are used in this assembly. Our assemblies are completely wired, ready to install and even include the knobs


TL4F - Alnico magnets / D.C. resistance = 7.5K - Hot neck pickup. The TL4F is the reverse wound compliment to the TL4R. - A warm neck pickup wound slightly brighter and hotter than the standard vintage neck pickup. Characterized by a full, smooth tonal response. Chrome cover.

TL4R - Alnico magnets / D.C. resistance = 8.7K - A beefed up bridge pickup that transcends the balance between sweet vintage sing and high output punch. Big, snappy low end, striking mids, and biting high end make this one awesome pickup in both clarity and response.