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WD Custom Pickguard Prewired With Kent Armstrong Jack Knife Pickups For Fender Stratocaster

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Price $220.95
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Our standard wired assemblies come with a white/black/white pickguard but other color guards are available at a slight additional charge (please email for further info)

The following pickup(s) are used in this assembly. Our assemblies are completely wired, ready to install and even include the knobs

STLHC SET - Ceramic magnets / D.C. resistance = 6.7K

Fits standard single coil routs. Similar to our WPU12 hot single coil, but with a chrome cover to simulate the appearance of Split-Tube™ pickups. As we do in all our single coil assemblies, the middle pickup is reverse wound/reverse polarity for hum canceling when used in combination with either the neck or bridge pickup Magnet size in millimeters: 58L x 3T x 12.5W