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WD Custom Pickguard For Fender 2010-Present Made In Mexico Blacktop Stratocaster HH

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Price $29.95 - $78.00
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WD® Custom Pickguard For Fender® 2010-Present Made In Mexico Blacktop Stratocaster® HH

This pickguard is made to fit the Fender® 2010-Present Made In Mexico Blacktop Stratocaster® HH. We have included the option to add a single coil pickup or a matching humbucker pickup to the middle position (upcharges apply). While many manufacturers may make a similar model instrument, this does not mean each pickguard of this type is interchangeable. If the design of your pickguard varies (country of origin, manufactured date, non-Fender® manufactured) from that pictured, you may be required to submit a tracing for a custom order.

If you are unsure about your material selection please Request A Material Sample before finalizing your order.

Please Note: All pickguards are made-to-order and all purchases are processed in the order they are received. Due to order volume and the handcrafted nature of these products it may take up to 2 weeks to process your pickguard order. Choosing an expedited shipping method at checkout will not expedite the processing of your order, only its time in transit.


Humbucker-Humbucker (HH)

Please Note: Main pickguard image is a graphical representation of the pickguard you will receive and is not a photograph. Pickguard material swatch showing beveled edge and screw hole is a genuine photograph of the material used and is much more accurate in appearance to the pickguard you will receive. Due to the nature of these materials and variations in mobile or desktop screens, lighting, or print, the pickguard material you receive may differ slightly in pattern or hue to that pictured.