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In 1978, Wendy and Larry Davis, veterans of the music industry, recognized that there was no aftermarket source for replacement guitar pickguards, and WD® Music Products was born. They started small, with Wendy at home manufacturing pickguards in the spare bedroom while Larry hit the road selling to anyone who would listen! As the business grew, Wendy moved her operation to a basement shop, and Larry, reacting to regular requests from customers, began outsourcing other hard to find guitar parts. From there business took off, as they continued to listen and respond to their customers' needs and proving their company's value and dedication to the music industry.

Over fourty years later, WD® is proud to be a full service stringed instrument parts supplier with distributors in the UK, Canada, Australia, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Korea, and across the globe. The WD® Custom Pickguards department has continued to lead the way with innovative materials and custom designs, as well as exact replications of hard to find models. This business plan, coupled with unmatched customer service, has created a tradition that lives on today.

Pickguards.com is the home of WD® Custom Pickguards. American made and handcrafted to order, we manufacture aftermarket pickguards for many of the mass produced guitar models manufactured over the last 70 years including most limited edition instruments. We also provide pickguard production services for the industry's leading stringed instrument manufacturers including both large scale household brands and limited production boutique builders.

While our standard pickguard models are produced as drop-in replacements for stock OEM pickguards we specialize in modifying these standard templates to accommodate any customized control or pickup configuration.

Our handcrafted customization does not end with standard pickguard modification. If your instrument is not currently equipped with a pickguard or is not available as one of our standard models, follow our custom order instructions or speak directly with a master craftsman to begin the process of crafting your unique vision.